Board Communications Instruments to Use Now

Thousands of companies have transferred their employees to remote work during the coronavirus epidemic. For many of them, the transition to a distance format is associated with a high level of stress and disruption of communication processes within the team, as well as solving the problem of board communications.

Board Communications in the Company: a Common Language for the Board

Perhaps, many have come across situations in their work when the left-hand does not know what the right hand is doing. Such problems are usually associated with internal communications in the company and very seriously affect the efficiency of all business processes. How to establish communication in the team, what tools can be used for this, and why is a single information space so important for the successful and effective operation of an organization?

Board communication in the team is necessary in order to establish communication between management and performers, to build effective interaction with colleagues, and thereby ensure an efficient and clear exchange of data without information and time losses. Moreover, it is extremely important that these interactions work in all directions, that is, not only from the bottom up – from employees to bosses but also from bosses to employees. This is necessary both for building company policy and for strengthening team spirit and increasing loyalty.

Who needs well-functioning board communication in the team? Hearing the phrase “corporate communications”, we immediately imagine a huge multi-level organization with hundreds or even thousands of employees. Indeed, if a company employs more than two dozen people, it is expected that not all of them will communicate directly with each other. The larger the company staff, the higher the chances that most workers will not know each other at all.

The Board Technology Innovations

  1. Time tracking software. In a work-from-home environment, especially if they are not typical of your company, employees have a lot of distractions. And the actual lack of constant external control can become an incentive for procrastination. Such programs discipline processes and help allocate time for important tasks, minimizing distraction for unimportant ones.
  2. Board meetings and informational meetings. Maintain the ability and ability to coordinate board meetings and informational meetings at a common level and work to maintain a single interoperable Internet.
  3. Association website. By default, a standard association website is available to you, but you can create your own and fill it with the necessary tools.
  4. Newsletters. It is not necessary to use all communication newsletters – for example, a widget can only contain a simple form for contact information.
  5. Welcome letters and welcome committee.
  6. Personal outreach. It provides a complete set of excellent tools for the operation of the company. But when there is such a variety of options, it can be difficult to approach all of them in the beginning.
  7. Community apps. A community on a social network is a good promotion tool or even a standalone blogging platform.
  8. Social activities. Social activities must ensure the balance of interests of all persons connected with the company: personnel, buyers, suppliers, investors, the state, and society as a whole.
  9. Bulletin boards. To save time, the developers of social media applications have implemented bulletin board tools that help to follow the group, identify, analyze and moderate the community in a simplified express mode.